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Lisa Kachold (born May 20, 1956) is an American engineer, systems administrator and computer security consultant, and one of the first Internet women in engineering and computer science.


Last daughter of Albert Robert Bellerue[1], political commentary writer for the Freeman, Arizona Republic and Mesa Tribune; and Mary C. Bellerue Bleck [2] botanist, Kachold received a progressive private education from Scudder Oaks Country School [3], and Judson School[4] (accelerated advancement program), followed by CLEP credits, various certifications and extensive hands on trench security training before formal computer science college degrees were offered. Bob Bellerue [5], the sound genius programmer, is Kachold's cousin; Dick Bellerue, the actor Gunsmoke Magnificent Seven was Kachold's uncle providing interesting human early family education. Kachold is great aunt and mentor to Michael Bellerue, also a systems administrator.


After military service in West Germany, and seven years as a Trimet transit bus driver, Kachold started the infamous Utopia BBS in the 1980s <ref>1980s BBS List</ref>, coining the gender twist word usage for Temtor as a play on words rather than SYSOP as in (SYS) Tem + (OPera) tor.

Unix administration

Kachold, as engineering technician, for STC Submarine Systems, during development of transatlantic TAT-8 fiber optic submarine cable[6] in 1988, provided Malcolm MartenStcNet and engineering development team with Berkeley Unix system administration.


Kachold held the position of Stromberg Carlson Digital Central Office Switch Telecommunication Technician for Payline Systems, programming intelligent hotel/motel dialers and Blackbox while watching the phreakers cruising through the, then room size, central office switch running version 12.0 Siemens. Later at Wygant Scientific[7] as Telecommunication Engineer, Kachold worked on the Washington Kids child support and TriMet Call-A-Bus [8] voice mail programs while developing Dialogic driver tools, voice mail systems and providing technical training for Mitel, Nortel, Siemens, and SER pbx telecom product integration.

ISP administration

Kachold was one of the first women working as ISP system administration and engineering staff during the .com startup years in the Pacific Northwest <ref>GeekSpeakr</ref>.

Security administration

Building custom linux firewalls, webservers, and mail servers, Kachold later coordinated ethical hack encroachments soliciting various contract engineers and professionals for Tiger Teams including Randal L. Schwartz of Stonehenge Consulting [9]. One particular internally announced and scheduled Tiger Team for testing a large telecommunications provider touched a file on an internal Solaris 2.6 SecurID server named Lisa_was_here without inside knowledge, in under two hours, by exploiting the floppy eject buffer overflow to a root shell, after trivially obtaining a user via network spoofing and sniffing of clear text telnet packets (pre SSH); a demonstration to prove minimum requirements for ingress filtering, patch management, and adequate user password strength and aging. Standard industry security holes, within diverse computing groups, arise due to compartmentalization without complete OSI testing, which was not yet widespread in the .com startup era. Forensics contracting followed for Warner Pacific College, Multnomah Athletic Club and numerous other commercial, educational and FOSS sites.

Production perl

Kachold was one of the first female production Perl programmers<ref>Perl Mongers</ref> in the United States, for Ncd.com (web systems marketing of PCXware Xterms) in 1997; Senior Voice/Data Network Analyst for Nike, Inc. and Senior Security Administrator for GST. Kachold held roles systems administrator, systems analyst or systems engineer for Lockheed.com, Metro One Telecommunications, Teleport.com, Verio, e-z.net, wolfe.net, World.net, Transport.com, SpireTech.com, UCINET.com, and many other startup .com ISPs as well as Usbank, KeyBank, Ziba and the U.S. Army (Solaris). Starting the WebSphere<ref>WebSphere and Perl</ref> User Group in Portland, Oregon in 2004, Kachold served the J2EE developer and IBM administration community, engineering cross platform portal systems.

FOSS contribution

Kachold wrote a PCMCIA ethernet[10] C device driver for Sun Solaris[11] x86 on Compaq Presario 1250 submitting code under GPL.

Kachold also worked for Rhino Equipment Corporation[12], submitting bash script content into the release of TrixBox 2.0 with Kerry Garrison [13] and the Asterisk svn tree[14].

Kachold is also a promoter of LinuxChix.

Obnosis .com

Obnosis.com was registered as a word hack in 1996 by Kachold after surviving the long UseNet news Alt.religion.scientology wars[15] and the CUD declaration of war on CoS Dianetics, as a NNTP sendmail administrator and security engineer for various large Pacific Northwest ISPs.

The domain obnosis.com has long been controversial since the Church of Scientology, promoting word clearing for spiritual advancement, uses the term obnosis[16]. Publicized in 1965, L. Ron Hubbard used the neoglism obnosis in a paper describing the tone scale categorizing intelligence based on emotional states which is now a cornerstone of Scientology spiritual tech[17]. As with most religious wars, the obnosis struggle appears to be related to resources and semantics. The obnosis domain name word usage argument questions who has essential ownership of a word (or the truth or technical training and education) <ref>Wiki Obnosis</ref>. In computer security pwnership is everything[18].

The advent of the Anonymous Group's Chanology declaration of war on Scientology[19] has placed the the domain obnosis.com, and Kachold into contention from all sides, especially enduring denial of service and packet exploit from the group Anonymous.

Teaching and training

From 2004 until 2006, Kachold volunteered with the non-profit community recycler Freegeek as a teacher.<ref>FreeGeek</ref>

In 2007, Kachold provided various presentations for Desert Code Camp [20] while rebuilding production systems for DNS, MTA, Oracle, J2EE and portal PCI Compliance at Sky Mall. Kachold also engineered clustered J2EE web servers for Choice Hotels and provided 3ware Vldb Greenplum RAID tuning, custom Apache Ecommerce signature tokens, security administration and server engineering for iCrossing.com in 2008.

In 2008, Kachold began the Phoenix Linux User Group HackFest <ref>PLUG Arizona</ref> series to showcase OSI layer up (and cross-platform) computer security issues in a laboratory format. Special attention is humorously paid to Layer 8 issues for users and professionals working with Linux. Security labs and presentations are provided for FOSS users who submit content and develop presentation materials while training one another during labs.

Kachold, a proponent of ethical systems administration [21] and Network neutrality, with Phoenix Linux User Group base<ref>PLUG-Email ListServer by Contributor</ref> maintain security educational sessions as a community resource, or free, due to the need for greater consciousness (or obnosis) in Linux applications security. Various security guest presentations have been provided by Kachold at the University of Advancing Technology,<ref>PLUG-UAT</ref> Mesa Community College and Estrella Mountain College also.



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