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Obnosis is a neologism derived from Greek roots, referenced in common cultural use; historical Internet civil disobedience, Internet computer security, Internet neutrality history, open source and technical critical thought; now invoked in reference to open source systems support, systems theory, technical education and cultural Internet sociology.



Obnosis is a slang word with several etymologies. One explanation is that the word is derived from the language Greek word for knowledge, gnosis γνώσις and used with the prefix ob meaning to see, or observe for usage of knowledge by observation. A second etymology is that it derives from the Greek word for disease nosis νοσός, and used in common English with the prefix ob meaning to see, or observe to infer observation of issues, illness or disease.Medical Greek Terms

Common Usage

Obnosis refers to deciphering "unknowns" by "going to look, learning by experience, learning by doing", and skilled abilities developed from flexing critical thinking muscles while employing standard process as opposed to theoretical learning disseminated in classrooms or via formal education.

Obnosis, slang means mature understanding or knowledge that comes from experience rather than from formal education, rote memorization or academic theoretical learning.

Technical Usage

The word obnosis refers to "knowledge" in terms of technical solutions to issues found via troubleshooting errors in systems, evident through deploying debug tools in real time using exquisitely honed critical thought and creative thought in conjunction with both non-linear and linear-path process analysis or Universal Troubleshooting Process.

Obnosis Consulting

obnosis.com was registered as a "word hack" after the USENET News "religious wars" in the mid-1990s by Lisa Kachold, then Senior Systems Administrator (Hostmaster, Webmaster) for various Pacific Northwest based Internet Service Providers. These wars included DOS and post bombing between the Cult of the Dead Cow, general community members and Scientologists, equating to excessive USENet News systems work to keep the News readable and clean up the mess. In the 1990's and early 2000's, technical administrators saavy in Cisco networking, Unix/Linux, DNS/BIND, sendmail, Usenet NNTP, Colocated Servers, Web Hosting were rare, so the domain was re-purposed as Obnosis Consulting to provide for contracting. Later, tiger team and pentesting security consulting was included in the services offered by obnosis.com. Appropro, the very question equates to OWNERSHIP; who owns a word (obnosis), information, ability, (as in education) and ultimately security: obnosis is now the business dba for IT Clowns a 501(3)c Non-Profit corporation in Arizona.

Microsoft's NZ Software Design ImagineCup Team Obnosis

Team Obnosis Microsoft ImagineCup is a four member team from Victoria University Wellington competing in the Microsoft ImagineCup 2008. Obnosis' project Leviathin is a 3D model sharing framework to facilitate evaluation of data structures for any criteria set - thermal analysis/light etc. Obnosis Video.

Contemporary Cultural Useage

The word Obnosis has been adopted in popular use for technical music and gaming characters; an indication of social evolution from formal to individually driven education, intelligence, and opinion, that expose a progressive and pervasive cultural shift.

Musical Obnosis

Obnosis is the name of a song by Metropolis Metropolis. Obnosis is also the name of an electronia band Artist Direct. No current musical work carrying the name obnosis includes lyrics.

World Of Warcraft Obnosis

Wow Armory has an online level 70 Final Cut Undead Warlock character named Obnosis WowArmory Obnosis.

Obnosis in Technophilia .vs Philosophy of Primatism

  • "Walter Alter self-sanctified high priest of progress, rages against obnosis, his ill-formed neologism for "ignoring the obvious", Bob Black writes in A Postscript to Sahlinas [1] Bob Black, "According to Walter Alter, science privileges neither direction. There is no passive, preexisting, "organized, patterned, predicted and graspable" universe out there awaiting our Promethean touch. Insofar as the Universe is orderly -- which, for all we know, may not be all that far -- we make it so. Not only in the obvious sense that we form families and build cities, ordering our own life-ways, but merely by the patterning power of perception, by which we resolve a welter of sense-data into a "table" where there are "really" only a multitude of tiny particles and mostly empty space." Retro the New Prefix

L. Ron Hubbard's Obnosis

The term Obnosis was used publicly on just one occasion by Scientology cult founder L. Ron Hubbard defining the term "observation of the obvious" in a taped lecture called "The Tone Scale" dated January 9, 1957 per The Foster Report. L. Ron Hubbard regularly stated that non-scientologists were inherently emotionally, mentally and spiritually ill, and therefore could not see what is clearly available (and obvious to Scientologists or "up tone" people). In his 1957 taped lecture, L. Ron Hubbard contended that psychology and psychiatry were abusive mind control therefore obnosis could only be elevated through application of LRH's "techniques", which apply strict regulation of personal opinion and emotions during all communication interspaced by strict "ethics" standards, punctuated by "PTSD hunts" where common church members can be accused of having repressed destructive influence on others due to the people "on their lines". Adopted and packaged as dogma of the Church of Scientology, CoS Dictionary the word obnosis is frequently used to imply that exclusive counseling and "training courses" that disseminate concepts freely available in all of LRHubbards books at exorbinate expense, will increase the intelligence of the "church worshipper" http://www.antisectes.net/official-reports-the-anderson-report-state-of-victoria-australia.pdf Melbourne Australia 1968 Anderson Report.

Modern Marketing of Ob-Gnosis

Modern Scientologists marketing commercial services through online literature campaigns, intermingle the word and subject of gnosis with obnosis as context to embrace age-old meditation states, experiential detachment, emotional intelligence, Jungian self awareness and higher consciousness as original Scientology] precepts The FreeZone America Scientology Public Relations Site which the Church of Scientology declares exclusively as the "Path to Total Freedom" only available and acknowledged as a stable state of grace or spiritual attainment after purchase and completion of Scientology courses or Dianetics auditing "counseling". Autism, traumatic brain changes, physical and psychological illnesses are claimed by the Church of Scientology to be healed or resolved CoS HCOB - Obnosis OT Levels (at cost) through obnosis. psychological projection or counter projection are still commonly used, even today, in conjunction with usage of the word obnosis by Scientologists especially when referring to formal education, psychology or medicine InEntertainment May 2008.

See also

Gnosis a (Greek word for knowledge, γνώσις) is used in English to specify the spiritual knowledge of a saint or enlightened human being. It is described as the direct experiential knowledge of the supernatural or divine. This is not enlightenment understood in its general sense of insight or learning (which in Greek is διαφωτισις).

Anonymous Group a Group of Netizens known for aggressive cyber attacks on spammers, child porn purveyers, and politial persons and government systems, has carried a anti-scientology agenda since the days of the Cult of the Dead Cow and |DefCon 4.

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